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Chapter History

The South Central Alaska Chapter 408 was just stared at the end of October of 2003. It was started by 'Dangerous' Dave Hassilev of Eagle River who is currently the chapters First Officer. David learned of the SCRC via the Internet in early 2003, and then spent the summer in Seattle, becoming a member of the 368 East Side chapter. David found the SCRC to be a unique group of very friendly, open and hospitable bikers and he made many friends in many different chapters in the state of Washington and in Canada.

After having about as much fun as a biker can have in one summer (short of getting to Daytona, Hollister and Sturgis), David decided that there should be an SCRC chapter in Alaska. It was named the South Central chapter to allow room for growth, should someone decide later that there is enough interest and members to form other chapters in the state.

Latest News

June 2006

The Alaska chapter bi BACK. James Cloud has started a chapter and it is called the Anchorage Chapter 490. He will be looking for the old members as well as new members that will join in the near future. 

Also to 'Dangerous' Dave Hassilev thank you for allowing this chapter to continue using the old website that you put together need to change the appearance very well done.

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